Introducing Uniun™

Uniun™ was founded to solve a major challenge for the internet. How to fund free to consumer content without it costing the people their privacy.

Well it took us a while but we’ve done it!.

What we did was put the people, advertisers and the publisher at the center and focused purely on their needs. We focused on what benefits them the most, then simply created a solution that enables them to create better user experiences across the web for real people.

We created a safe space for brand and publishers to build relationships with people where people are always in control of their own data.

In a few weeks you’ll start seeing “privacy by U” in ads and on web pages. The privacy by U logo is used by brands and publishers who have committed to use our data safe solution.

When you see the "privacy by U" logo in an ad or on a page, click on the logo and you’ll reach the user interface where you can set up your preferences. We truly hope you’ll enjoy the features that Uniun™ have created for you.

Oh…. and as we think the planet is important, Uniun™ has been built on carbon neutral platforms and introduces efficiencies for digital marketing that will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of digital marketing.