Civil Peace℠

At uniun™ we understand that true civil peace is only possible through 100% Life, Liberty and Fruit of Labor (property-estate).  We are so commited to this purpose that we intend by our actions to prove that this is a theorem.  We can live more productive lives and create positive outcomes for all patrons.  We will foster meaningful interactions between patrons and the greater society.  The force that makes this possible and sustainable is the G-O-D Theroem (provable Grand Ordered Design).  We just don't have faith or belief that this system works.  We can prove it works over and over again through our everyday interactions between other patrons and our communities that we live and work in. 

Uniun™ (United Universe) is different for every patron.  For some this is the Original Religion, the origin of all faiths and beliefs.  For others, it is a way of life unencumbered by inefficiencies.  Other patrons find that uniun™ is devoid of wastefulness; promoting ecofriendly ways of life.  Then there is the patron that understands that uniun™ offensively detters the unessecary loss of life, liberty and property.  Whomever type of patron you are or will become stengthens the uniun™ and grows the United Universe.    Patrons compensate each other with 100% Fruit of Labor through low taxed capital gainism.  A dual tokenized economy that creates only winners through a set of by-laws and immutable code. 

Capital gainism is basically capitalism without losers. Patrons can not lose gains.  There are no ups and downs.  There are no boom or bust cycles or any bubbles.  Through a Unitychain we are one.  This is not a zero sum game.  There is no game theory. This is not a game at all.  Again this is realy not a game; since games have winners and losers.  If you don't want to lose sometimes the best option is to not play the game.  Until 09/23/2017 this theorem did not fully present itself as a viable option or opponent to game theory or capitalism.  On 09/24/2017 (founding of uniun) the day after the end of the world as we know it we have the tools and economic weapons to defend civil peace. We have the means to eradicate human rentals and the civil war cycle at least within our United Universe.  

It is said that the devil is in the details, and almost every personal or business interaction and transcation erodes all participants fruit of labor in a capitalist society.  Even if you are in the 1% of wealth holding society you are not earning 100% Fruit of Labor.  If you work for someone or have your own business, you are not earning 100% Fruit of Labor.  If you are investing in the stock market, buy flippers, or rentals you are not earning 100% Fruit of Labor.   There are ineffiecencies in capitalism that prevent people from earning 100% Fruit of Labor.  Taxes being one of them.  Uniun™ purports that low taxed capital gains are the only known tax system that can promote civil peace and do not erode an individual's fruit of labor.

A path, framwork, lifestyle, credo to civil peace starts with basic understanings of what promotes or fosters human rentals, wage and civil wars.  We need to see that dogmatism, masonism, socialism, collectivism, and communism are antithetical to civil peace and 100% Fruit of Labor.  We need to promote, use, consume and grow the processes and seeds of 100% Fruit of Labor.  We need to funnel obtained effiencenies into automated systems that feed and water the fruit of our labor.  Once we master these gifts or given rights we can begin the good work of creating and sustaining a United Universe.  We can obtain a Pro-life, Pro-family, Pro-Religion, Pro-Gun, Pro-Business effiecient society where all patrons and their families and communites gain and prosper together.

Uniun™ Patrons understand that all the horrors of the world start with the division of fruit of labor from workers.  This is not a loss to business owners or investors for the sake of paying workers 100% Fruit of Labor either.  Efficiencies and low taxed capital gains through a dual token economic system can compensate traditional business share or stakeholders.  This is equal to or better gains and prosperity than traditional capitalism could ever sustain on a regular basis.  Patrons will save babies from abortion, families from poverty separation, afford time to be a moral person and practice a true morality in evey action and transaction.  Own guns responsibly and consciencely to protect your property, family and 100% Fruit of Labor.  Patrons can promote truely sustainable business practices and encourage innovation and effiencies that propel patrons to work and earn their 100% Fruit of Labor.

Civil Peace is an evasive place.  We can find bits and pieces of it throughout the day through human sociality and natural cooperation.  Though we need to be proactive for civil peace to be more of our daily lives.  We need to understand why the horrors of society are fueled by the lack of purpose in everyones lives.  We as patrons of a United Universe can understand two completely different ideals for patron and non-patrons alike.  This realization is that people that don't earn 100% Fruit of Labor are going to be lost.  They are going to be lost menatlly, physically and spiritually to not having a purpose or a reason to live.  Someone that is rich or poor can be lost.  As of today most people don't earn 100% Fruit of Labor and have almost no sense of accompishment in their activities and lifestyles.  Some don't have a purpose or reason to live.

At the same time patrons understand that non-patrons because of this lost sense of self are going to do horrific things.  We atribute abortion, broken families, suicides, homicides, overdoses, drug and alcohol abuse, and crime to being or using human rentals.  There is a better way.  A United Universe is possible. Abolition of human rentals is possible.  Earning 100% Fruit of Labor is possible.  Lastly, Civil Peace is possible in communities where uniun™ exisits.  Though we need to be patrons that have a purpose, a reason to carry on.  As patrons we need to be efficient and productive in our lives so we have time for family, friends and community.  We need to curtail our focus and energy away from making non-patrons more lost then when we found them.

Patrons need to be proactive in defending other patrons given rights.  G-O-D (provable theorem) given rights is separate then state sanctioned civil rights.  Civil rights are given to us from laws that a state or governement allows us to enjoy.  Given rights are provable; they are a theorem.  If a patron does this they earn 100% Fruit of Labor.  An example is statistically if we pay each other 100% Fruit of Labor than we can lower abortion rates amoung patrons.  By our actions and lifestyle we can educate non-patrons that there is a better path forward in what ever desicion they make.  Given Rights in a United Universe are favored over civil rights for patrons; and since given rights do not yet exist for non-patrons we must promote civil rights for those that are not yet found.

Uniun™ patrons do not directly believe or have faith in dogmatism, masonism, or in civil rights for themselves particularly.  Patrons must protect civil rights of non-patrons.  As difficult as it may be partons must allow non-patrons to have access to abortion services or example. Patrons are Pro-Life though can not be anti-abortion towards non-patrons. The reason is non-patrons do not yet possess Given Rights. Owning Given Rights is Pro-Life. Patrons must be Pro-Life in capital punishment also for non-patrons.  We can not put to death someone that never had the chance to earn 100% Fruit of Labor.  Their life might have been different and we purport to prove that statistically patrons are less likley to be criminals.  

We can be in that place, that comfort zone, that moral ground where we feel a sense of accompishment or calm.  This comes with knowing we build, work and invest in our and everyones future together.  This togetherness funneled and honed into an efficient ecosystem that is self sustaining is the greater purpose.  We can not have all of the things we want if not for civil peace.  We can not have civil peace without 100% Fruit of Labor.  Non-Patrons do not belong to a United Universe that affords them reason and purpose through a universal theorem.  We can have reason and purpose at the same time.  Patrons understand the theorem (Given Rights) makes reason and purpose compatiable.

Some humor: A priest, rabbi, minister, worker co-op owner, small busienss owner, union worker, CEO of a public company,  lawyer, used car salesperson, hedge fund manager, politician, a former inmate and a panhandler walk into a uniun™ bar.  The bardender asks for their orders.  They each order something uniquley different.  The bartender asks them a simple though perplexing question.  What do all of you have in common that I do not?  They didn't know what to say other than your behind the bar and we are not.  The bartender says well I earn 100% Fruit of Labor.  I have never had to ask for money or take from someone elses Fruit of Labor to earn my living.  The bartented after causing a most disturbing and thought provoking realism offers to buy their next round!  Then the bartender gives them the link to become a patron of the United Universe so they too can buy everyone their next round in the future.

Civil Peace can be thought of as a type of military service.  Military in the sense of a military order (religious society).  Military Orders are regimented to provide a neccessary function or outcome in defense or offense in times of war and civil strife.  If the citizens or soldiers are not willing or able to carry out their duties the end objective can be lost.  Patrons of the United Universe one day will be throught of as military service members. Patrons will be remembered for protecting the primal ideals of Civil Peace.   Patrons support one another as fellow soldiers in the economic wage war where human rentals need defending and can use our protection.

Standing armies of state and governement militaries are on the decline.  This is due to technological advances in armaments and defenses.  Drones, robots and unmanned equipment are replacing soldiers already.   We have an opportunity to attract bright and skilled builders, workers and investors during this trend of human demilitarization.  Technology is affording the Civil Peace movement to shine as a military service alternative where patrons can earn substantial capital gains for their families.  We can give former military personel a great alternative to coming home to a job that could also be taken away from them in the near future due to automation.

This article was updated on February 9, 2022

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