United Universe (uniun™ pronouced Unee-uhn) is many things. One being that it is a DAO that gives patrons the ability to pay each other 100% Fruit of Labor.  This occurs through a dual token econnomic system.  Low taxed capital gains compensate patrons beyond what then could earn on a regular basis in the old capitalist economy.  Civil Peace can be achieved through paying one another 100% Fruit of Labor.  Patrons help build a new economy and earn capital gains.  Capitalism is dead.  Long live capital gainism!

uniun™ is also the unbrand.  In the past most commercial brands suffered from terrible press due to a negative practice of their business.  Be it environmental, human rights, or just bad community stewardship.  uniun™ on the other hand is an unbrand, more of a lifestyle than a commercial brand.  It can't be commercial brand if we give all proceeds away to one another.  Patrons understand what uniun™ and its logo mean.  uniun™ and the United Universe are pro-Civil Peace through 100% Fruit of Labor.  uniun™ is a way of life and we reward patrons on a scale that has never been achieved until now.

The unbrand symbol has different meanings to each patron.  Some see it as a powerful ladder to lift people out of poverty.  Others see it as an abstract DNA stand; a testament to how strong they feel about Civil Peace and how it is part of their DNA.  Then there are patrons that see the symbol as representing an open unitychain symbolizing people uniting under a common purpose. Then there are others that see it as a spiritual symbol to be used to unlock our ability to understand the human condition.



What ever you see or feel about the uniun™ symbol and logo we hope in inspires you to protect and defend Civil Peace through 100% Fruit of Labor.

This article was updated on February 9, 2022

United Universe (uniun™) is a DAO among many other things.